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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Skripsi Bahasa Inggris


Fatmah, Nim: 07105083, Student of Tarbiyah and Tadris Faculty, Program/study of English. This skripsi title “Applying Loudspeaker as audio media to Increase Students’ Vocabulary in Listening Skill (This Research Held on Grade VII of SMP Negeri 4  Limboto).

Adviser I : Hj.Lisdawati Muda, S.Pd., M. Si
Adviser II: Andi Nurwati S.S., M. Pd

Key words: Vocabulary, language, audio.

In problem of this research many students were poor vocabulary, they less memorized vocabulary and it bored them, therefore the researcher as an English teacher  applied  the loudspeaker  to play  the meaning of vocabulary to students as a new method with the aim to increase students' vocabulary in learning English and also easy them to memorize English vocabulary.
This study uses a class action approach to teach English by applying loudspeaker as an audio media to increase the students’ vocabulary in first grade of SMP 4 Limboto by the number of 20 students.
The result of research has been done by English teacher, by applying the loudspeaker as an media audio could increase students' vocabulary and focused them to learn. The loudspeaker as an audio media could help students to focus on the lesson. The results of this research showed that could achieve the standards that is decided even achieve higher standards than 70%. The result of this research in increasing students' vocabulary achieved standard 35% in the first cycle and increased 85% in the second cycle. Thus concluded that the students have achieved the standards set that is decided (70%) even more than that. Therefore researcher suggested that English teachers use the loudspeaker as an audio media to increase students' vocabulary in learning English.

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